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LED Technology Revolutionizes Commercial Neon Lighting


There’s no better way to attract attention to your business than a beautiful, brightly-coloured neon sign out front. Neon is eye-catching, day or night, and it stands out against the surrounding environment. A well-designed neon sign can brand your business and become a neighbourhood icon.


The first neon lamp was introduced in Paris in 1910. In the 1920s and 30s, they started to become popular in North America, and by the 1950s, neon signs dotted the landscape. After the 1960s, the use of neon began to wane somewhat, as styles changed. Today, however, we are seeing a resurgence in the use of neon signage, as a new generation of neon lighting is revolutionizing the industry.


Traditional Neon vs. LED


Today’s LED technology is making neon more attractive than ever as a choice for commercial enterprises. Everyone loves neon signs, but traditional neon was somewhat unreliable. As a business owner, you might find yourself with a partially-unlit sign. (A famous restaurant in Toronto’s Beach area, for example became known as "The GOOF” when several letters in its "GOOD FOOD” sign burned out!) LED technology is far more longer-lasting than traditional neon. An average LED neon bulb will last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is three to six years longer than old-school neon. In addition, because LEDs don’t depend on gas for illumination, they will not dim or fade as they age.


LEDs are very low maintenance, durable, and simple to install. Choose a product designed to be weatherproof for the Canadian climate, and chances are your sign will operate trouble-free for decades. If a segment of LED lighting does have a problem, it can be easily replaced.


LED is good for the bottom line, too. Typical LED signs use far less energy than traditional neon signs. (It’s estimated they use 80 - 90% less energy.) This means that your costs for using your sign will be much lower.


This energy-efficiency also means that your environmental footprint will be much smaller. After a long life, your LED neon can be cleanly recycled, since unlike traditional neon bulbs, it doesn’t contain any toxic gases.


More Exciting Design Possibilities


There are also many design advantages with LED neon. The technology is strikingly clear and bright, meaning that the sign is more visible and more easily readable than traditional neon. Because LEDs don’t have tubes, the segments can be much thinner, opening up new possibilities for designers. It also means that they can create smaller designs for indoor spaces. Because LEDs don’t give off heat in the same way as traditional neon, indoor signs won’t drive up air-conditioning costs.


And a great advantage of LED neon is that it is dynamic. Designers can incorporate movement of all types. Because the lights are in segments, various parts can light up at different times. Signs can flash, change colour, light up in different places at different times, and even incorporate animation.


Traditional commercial neon lighting is quickly turning into a thing of the past. Discover the many advantages of LED neon signage for your business. Contact an LED specialist today!